The Oncology Alliance for
Individualized Medicine

Onco AI‑Med is an alliance of leading oncologists and researchers in the field of oncology from all over the world. Our shared goal is to explore and unlock the huge potential of multi-omics to advance the concept of personalized cancer therapy.

Advancing personalized oncology through multi-omics

The alliance was created as a collaborative network for cancer research at the highest level.

We are convinced that biological material quality along with the resulting data is crucial to making all relevant details of a cancer disease transparent. 

Founding Onco AI‑Med was initiated by oncology company Indivumed Therapeutics, which contributes bioinformatics and data analytics capabilities to the alliance. Based on standard operating procedures for tissue and data collection developed by the company, participating network hospitals collect samples and clinical information longitudinally that are analyzed in a comprehensive multi-omics approach. Advanced mathematical  discovery and development solution called nRavel® integrates the data with advanced AI analytics applications.

Shifting the precision oncology paradigm

Multi-omics approaches can address many unmet clinical needs, including the development and validation of prognostic or predictive signatures. The insights gained from multi-omics analyses can also inform the identification of potential targets for new drugs, which are supported through the successive steps of drug development in collaboration with pharmaceutical or biotech companies.

Previously published research results

Following its launch in 2019 and the start of research work, Onco AI‑Med is now beginning to publish initial results. Further publications will follow and will be continuously updated here in the coming months.

Multi-omics characterization markers of left and right-sided colorectal cancers

Authors: Marshall JL • Yoshino • Rha • Church • Coutinho • Sampaio • Gallagher • Garcia-Foncillas • Kerr • Woodsmith • Von Der Heyde • Bischof • Juhl

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Working groups for dedicated research

Onco AI‑Med is organized into working groups that focus on either specific tumor entities or a scientific topic, such as new methods for collecting samples while maintaining their molecular properties.

Disease-specific working groups are tasked with developing scientific questions that can be answered using the existing database. To ensure relevance and provide direction, all activities are coordinated by an Advisory Board that includes some of the brightest thought leaders in oncology today.

The Onco AI‑Med Advisory Board

Dr. John Marshall
Dr. John Marshall

Chief Division of Hematology/Oncology, Georgetown University Hospital, USA

“Our work is unprecedented. We combine gold standard tissue collection techniques with extensive multi-omics analysis, and use AI technologies to analyze long-term clinical outcomes with a global reach. Only by connecting these elements can we reveal the next layer of cancer’s secrets.”

Dr. Jesus Garcia-Foncillas

Director OncoHealth Institute, Director Department of Oncology, Director Translational Oncology Division, Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Madrid, Spain

Prof. David Gallagher

Consultant Oncologist Geneticist, St. James Hospital, Mater Private Hospital. Professor, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Sun Young Rha

Chief, Medical Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine, Yonsei Cancer Center, Seoul, South Korea

Dr. David Kerr

Professor of Cancer Medicine at the University of Oxford, Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist, Oxford University Hospitals Trust UK

Dr. Takayuki Yoshino

Director for the Department of Gastroenterology and Gastrointestinal Oncology, National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japan

Prof. Gerry Melino

Professor of Biochemistry, University of Rome Tor Vergata; Director of "Torvergata. Oncoscience Research” Center

“We are very proud of our collaboration with internationally renowned oncologists across four continents the prestigious, which allows us to leverage our expertise in finding novel targets and ultimately new therapies for the benefit of cancer patients.”

Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Juhl
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Indivumed GmbH